Jean Kania

Educator / Stylist

Some people view the world in black and white, and then there is Jean.

Jean brings to the table her creativity in more of a leopard print. She can take credit for Kristan's career because she trained her for a year before she began taking her own clientele. Jean has been a strong leader in the industry for over twenty years. She has trained nationwide in cutting and color and has been an educator for many companies.

Jean is always continuing her education. With industry standards, techniques, and services continually changing; she feels it imperative to learn and excel at her craft. She loves doing all types of hair; but believes she excels most at all things color-related: highlights, color formulation, color corrections. She's got the gift and also absolutely loves to cut hair: short, fun pixies, bob's of all sorts, long straight, or with layers, all sorts of layers. She has also been trained on cutting curly hair of all types.

Currently, Jean is embarking on a couple of brand new adventures and couldn't be happier. She has recently started on her educational journey and accepted a job as an educator for Kemon hair color company. On top of that, she joined in teaching cutting, color, and up styling. She enjoys being part of the HT Artistic Team. She is more than ready for this and can not wait to bring her new skills to her clients and up and coming artists.

Jean absolutely loves her job. She loves the ability to talk, touch, and make people feel good being the best gift she has ever been given. Lastly, she is excited about being able to share her newfound skills with other stylists through education as well.

Jean is a single mother of four children, so health and wellness are significant to her. What you put onto your body is as important as what you put in it. She grew up in Michigan and is currently a resident of Brighton. She is the lucky mom to 3 beautiful daughters and 1 amazing son. In her spare time, Jean is very interested in fashion and the latest trends. She also loves art and thinks that hair is such a meaningful way to express yourself. She can't wait to meet you and help excel in your education.