Educational Structure


This is a class designed for those that want individual attention. We would meet 1 on 1 and have in depth training on the subject of your choice.This is a great way to perfect your craft in areas where you may be weak.


Workshops are a fabulous way to gather a group of stylists for hands-on training. Together, you will watch the instructor perform a technique and then replicate what you see. Our instructors will also be walking around to assist as necessary. We prefer 1 instructor for every 8 students so that everyone can receive one on one time and leave feeling confident with the technique being taught.

Bootcamp Weekends

This is a 2 day event totaling 8 hours of training. This training will have theory and practical work on the subject being taught. This event is more in depth than a workshop and will dig deeper into how the technique is done as well as why you should do it this way. This type of training allows each student to leave as an expert on the technique.

Distributor Events

We will work with any distributor to provide a show or workshop to help promote specific products or to raise awareness on their distributorship.

In-Salon Training / Mentoring

We would spend a day, or possibly two, in your own salon helping the staff on consultations, pre-booking, techniques, and salon management. This is a great idea for any struggling salons that are looking for new ideas or need help on day-to-day responsibilities.

Shows / Seminars

This is a stage event that can be done in any type of environment. You could hold the event in the morning or even at night with provided cocktails. This is designed for those wanting to watch and learn in a fun-filled atmosphere. We will provide models and do our training on stage with a large audience. This is great for stylists and their business or to drive promotions in the industry.


We offer 2 apprenticeships every 2 years to students in Michigan who want on the job training. Instead of attending a school, they can work under Kristan Sayers to receive their cosmetology license. We also allow licensed stylists to job shadow and work with our clients to learn how to become successful behind the chair.

Custom Courses

Looking for something unique? Not a problem! I can create a course specifically tailored to you or your business - contact me today!

Educational Topics

Hair Cutting

  • Men
  • Women’s Long
  • Women's Mid-Length
  • Women's Short / Pixie
  • Children


  • Sleek & Traditional
  • Boho & Braids
  • Textured and Modern
  • Bridal
  • 101 Prepping Correctly

Salon Management

  • Bridal Package Series
  • Communication & Consults
  • Retail Merchandise
  • Michigan Apprenticeships
  • Website & Marketing

Hair Color

  • Color Theory
  • Placement
  • Balayage
  • Foiling
  • Understanding Stains

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