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How important is education to you? To me, it’s everything!

I always tell the licensed professionals that I teach and clients that if I didn’t work behind the chair, I wouldn’t be a good educator. If I wasn’t an educator, I would be lost behind the chair because education is my passion. Everyone has a different aspiration that drives them to do better, and all are fueled by education. Learning allows you to grow and become inspired to do better in whatever career field you are in. Continuing education shouldn’t stop with the doctors and teachers of the world, it should be required of all industries, including the beauty industry. Learning about different techniques helps you understand what you do and do not like to do, as well as allowing your creativity to flow. Creativity can lead to a new, better, way of doing things.

Through education, many licensed professionals are reminded of techniques they learned about previously and simply forgot over the years. You may also discover that something you learned a while ago, which didn’t apply to you then, may apply now. I guarantee your clients will be able to tell after you’ve taken any education classes because you will always be able to take away something (even if it’s “Don’t ever do that!” haha!) We want you to feel empowered and confident when doing hair and education is how we can make that happen. Education has and always will be important to our stylists and our salon.

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