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When it comes to Up-Styling, it’s all about the prep work.

If it’s not prepared properly then you are setting yourself up for failure from the beginning. If I have a head of hair that is prepped for a specific look, I cannot fail. When you start a specific look, you want to see if you want to grab a starchy product like a mouse/gel, or a lipid like an oil/cream. This is key to insure the hair has the correct amount of memory, is the right texture and frizz free! For instance a braid that is being pulled apart needs sleek smooth products so it does not get to messy and a mohawk would need maybe some mouse so it would hold. Then you want to decide what sort of base would be best and pinning technique, find your balance points and you are ready to go!

Our updo video tutorials will explain in depth what all of this means and so much more. We will walk you thru the entire prepping phase and you will be amazed how much simplified and quicker your up styles will be.

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