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I cannot stress this enough: the blow dry is the most important part of any haircut!

You cannot see your lines and be precise without the hair properly and FULLY dry. I have worked with many stylists and they all focus so hard on the precision of the haircut and do it perfectly…. while the hair is wet. After they blow dry the client’s hair, they see lines, lumps and bumps but don’t understand why.

Until the blow dry is properly done, there is no way the cut can be perfect. When this happens with students I am mentoring, I make them blow dry the hair again using a better system, which you can see in our tutorial videos. It is important to use the head shape and smooth out the surface of the cuticle, so you can actually see what you are doing when you dry cut the hair. You cannot have the ends of the hair be bent or fuzzy because this will not give you the true view of what lies inside the cut.

When you are working with precision cuts like the bob or lob, it is crucial to manipulate the hair properly to ensure the cut’s longevity. You want the cut to still look amazing 6-8 weeks later, heck even 6 months later, when the client comes back for another cut. In our tutorial videos, we will walk you through blow drying and show you all the tricks that come with this service. A client’s first impression when they see their cut is the most important! We will teach you all the types of products you need to use and the tools to get the job done right.

Happy blow drying!
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