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Monday, January 20, 2020 10:00 am

When Hair Meets Steel: Sharpen Your Skills

Learn new cutting methods utilizing ergonomics, and blending techniques infused with long and short layer cutting with Fitzy Shears. Your current shear and hand positioning could be holding back your true potential. Become an expert on the tool you use to perform your craft and learn how shear quality can not only make a difference in a haircut but also improve career longevity and ultimately impact your bottom line.

Fitzy Shears were designed to better serve you as the stylist. With many branded shears on the market, the makers of Fitzy Shears have done the research to find and develop a shear based on integrity. Cut from top-of-the-line Japanese steel, Fitzy Shears equip the professional to better serve customers while maintaining proper technique. The goal of the “Hair Meets Steal-Sharpen Your Skills” show is to equip stylists with new haircutting techniques using the most up-to-date shear technology leading to a higher level of excellence in your salon.

Coffee and snacks included, space is limited so register soon to reserve your spot! *Licensed Professionals only

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