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Education is the Key to Your Success

How important is education to you? To me, it’s everything! I always tell the licensed professionals that I teach and clients that if I didn’t work behind the chair, I wouldn’t be a good educator. If I wasn’t an educator, I would… View More


What's the most important part of a haircut?

I cannot stress this enough: the blow dry is the most important part of any haircut! You cannot see your lines and be precise without the hair properly and FULLY dry. I have worked with many stylists and they all focus so hard on the… View More


Learn to Prep and Save Time with Better Results!

When it comes to Up-Styling, it’s all about the prep work. If it’s not prepared properly then you are setting yourself up for failure from the beginning. If I have a head of hair that is prepped for a specific look, I cannot fail.… View More